Stockholm, Egalia, Gone too far?

I’ve been following various gender equality trends I guess you can call them with kids.  It’s important that my kids identify their own interests independent of biology and I like to see what others are doing to promote this value.

I ran across an article about a preschool in Sweden by the name of Egalia.  They take gender neutral to a whole new level.  They purposly mix up toys so traditionally male toys are grouped with traditional female toys.  They encourage any gender child to pretend anything in role play, including parents.  They made up a gender neutral pronoun and have special training for all their staff on how not to engage in gender specific anything.

I see value to a lot of what they are doing, but I think it’s that step to far.  We do it in America with culture all the time.  Everything needs to be PC and color blind.  Instead of embracing our differences and learning their value, we push a warped sense of equality.  Differences are ignored and I see that like a sin.

While I like the intent of what this preschool is doing, I think it’s too much.


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I know, not even Halloween yet, but Moo and I went and picked out the girls dresses for pictures.  They were on crazy in store sale plus coupons!  As a bonus the Twins’ dresses came with a marching doll dress to boot.

We played the try on shoe game today too.  Boo will get Elly’s from last year no problem.  Elly can fit into Mia’s from last year, but I’m not sure about in another couple months.  We’ll have to see how she grows as the holiday gets closer.  Of course Mia needs new shoes.  That kid is into her 9’s at this point (Elly is in 7’s). 

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Baby Names

Our cousin is expecting and her and her partner are going through the baby name process pretty publicly. It’s so much more than picking a name you like, well it was to us.

First you get a name you both like, then you have to see if it passes various tests you’ve come up with.

We wanted names that would be ok with kid nicknames, yet would also be professional enough for whatever like of work they went into. Could I see a lawyer, doctor, teacher, etc. all having that name?

I wanted legacy/family names.

We didn’t want any surprises. For instance our cousin was considering Orion as a middle name for a boy. Then with a little research they found out that yes, it’s a strong name. It’s got great history in Greek mythology. It’s in the Bible. It’s associated with characteristics most people would want their son to have. HOWEVER, if you follow the etymology, it’s urine. Orion was named Orion because he was basically born out of god pee and the name is come from ourios, Greek for urine. Last thing you want is your eight year old coming home from school upset and demanding to know why you named him urine.

We researched our names to the best of our ability and they passed all of the tests we came up with.    Part of every child’s name is from someone in the family we admire and wanted to keep their name alive.  Elaine is the name of my mother’s mother.  Elizabeth is the name of Gourry’s great grandfather’s second wife.  Joyce is my mother’s name. Our next kid better be a boy, because we’re running out of women in our family we would like to honor ><

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The Devil

It’s no secret, I hate Barney. Unfortunately Barney is one of the few resources for quality kids songs. It’s like everyone else got out of the business and Barny keeps the childrens’ songs of old alive (in between new crap of course). Baby Einstein in all it’s forms suck, and they rest is new crap like Yo Gabba Gabba (SO glad we don’t have cable). I’ve had mom dig out the old stuff, some even on record, and found things like “Baby Genius” which sounds like it would be horrid, but in reality it’s decent.

Anyway, we avoid Barney as much as possible but if it comes on before Mom realizes the time, the Twins demand to watch it. This happened yesterday. I tried to ignore it but then towards the beginning I heard it… “Just Can’t Get Enough.” NO WAY, I popped back out of the Kitchen and watched. To my horror my ears had NOT deceived me. Barney was in fact redoing Depeche Mode. It was some horrid bazaaro world. They sung the refrain like the original, but the other stuff not so much. I was frozen with my mouth agape staring at the screen.

I looked for a clip so I could share my horror, but haven’t found it yet. Only thing close is this promo for the new season. The episode just aired this week so maybe it will turn up on line soon.  I did find the lyrics though.

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